November 11, 2009

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl Gifts

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I’m a kindergarten teacher. As a teacher, I am constantly looking for the perfect educational gifts for my young cousins and now my nephew. My aunt, who is a 2nd grade teacher, always got me the coolest “teacher-y” gifts when I was young. I think this is one of the reasons why I grew up to be just like her.
I didn’t have a ring bearer or a flower girl. But if I did, you can bet I would have gotten them a gift like this. These are cute, meant for a boy or a girl, and they are great developmental tools. Plus, I love Pottery Barn Kids with a passion.


August 7, 2009

A DIY Teacher Gift

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I got my master’s degree in Elementary Education last December (2008). I had the opportunity to work in my dream school (which was the same school I did my student teaching in) as a long-term substitute for a woman who had just had a baby. I was there from the beginning of March until the end of the school year (June). It was a 2nd  grade classroom, which was a completely different (and wonderful!!!) situation, and I became wonderful friends with the 2nd grade teacher next door.

For Teacher Appreciation Week, the teachers get wonderful gifts from their students: gift certificates, flowers, yummy treats, etc. I wanted to do something for Amy because she was not only a great friend to me, but she acted as my mentor, helping me through the adjustment to 2nd grade and really taking me under her wing. I didn’t want to do the typical gifts, and I remembered she had mentioned that she didn’t have any white out pens (but she loved mine). Somehow, I thought of this idea, and I loved the result:


All you need is:

  • a flower pot (or some type of holder)
  • a round piece of styrofoam that fits securely into the flower pot
  • assorted pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

Once you have placed the styrofoam in the flower pot, just start placing the goodies all around. Some may fall out if you move it, so you might want to stick the goodies down deep into the styrofoam and not very close to each other.

Doesn’t it look so neat?