November 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursdays: Bethany Lorelle Accessories

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This is a new one for me. I absolutely love little details, such as a feather headband, a beautiful clip, or a vintage-inspired necklace. As you can tell from the pictures, this did not match the style or feel from my wedding, but I still adore it.

Bethany Moritz is the designer for Bethany Lorelle, and they are the most beautiful pieces. I did not know about her until I found that one of my college friends is a model for her. Despite that connection, I absolutely LOVE her pieces. Here is just a taste:

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February 2, 2009

Selling a Dress (that’s not The One)

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Every bride (except maybe one or two) dream of their perfect dress. Dress shopping is the first thing they do when they get engaged, and it usually ends in tears (but hopefully happy ones).

I was like most brides when I went searching for my dream dress. I went to every single wedding dress store in the area just trying on beautiful dresses. Then, one day on a whim, I found a dress on the sale rack, tried it on, and bought it immediately. I thought I was getting a great deal because I paid $400 when it was originally $1000, I thought it was the dress of my dreams- not white, lace, fitted, and it was not strapless.

But then I changed my mind.  I didn’ t like the way my stomach looked in it, my shoulders looked too wide, and it was WAY too not-white (it was gold as opposed to ivory). I needed a new dress, but I first had to sell the one in my closet.

I posted on every single dress-selling website I could find (unless I’d have to pay for the post- I wouldn’t do that). No luck. I posted the dress on Craigslist. No luck. Finally I went to The Knot message boards and started looking at posts where brides wanted to buy specific dresses. I then looked up the dress they wanted, and if it looked similar, I would send a message to that bride.

Finally my idea worked, and I found someone who wanted to buy it for $200. She paid (via Paypal) and it was shipped for her wedding (which was in a month). Of course, after that, I had about 3 other women contact me, wanting to buy it at a higher price. Oh well.

So here’s my advice if you want to sell a dress:

  • Post on any and every website you can, including Craigslist,,,,,,,
  • Make sure you price the dress under what you paid, but give room to negotiate
  • Make sure you have pictures of the actual dress
  • List the following information: actual size of the dress, your dress size, color, designer, material, model number, original price paid, pictures of the dress (both manufacturer and actual), measurements of the dress, and any alterations done to the dress
  • A dress has a better likelihood of selling if there were no alterations done to it.
  • Be quick to respond to questions
  • Be willing to go to message boards and email people who may want a similar (but not exactly the same) dress
  • Be patient!