June 17, 2009

My Timeline

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I absolutely live on lists (as if you can’t tell from some of my earlier posts). Because of this, I had to have not only about 20 lists for the Big Day, but I had to have a timeline. Some brides make these cutsie and colorful like this one:

Cute, right? By the time we got around to our timeline, I was so exhausted with all the projects, I just had to come up with an actual timeline. Here is how ours was:

Tucker-Doyle Timeline

Friday 10 AM

Farmington Walkthrough:

Tim and Dory and all the stuff

4:45 PM

Tim, Dory, JoP, Photographer arrive

5:00 PM

Rehearsal at Farmington

6:30 PM

Rehearsal Dinner at Wild Greens

Saturday 1 PM

Bride and Bridesmaids get ready in Room 301:

Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T., Ashley M.

2:00 PM

Photographer arrives

Dory puts dress on:

Need Elly and Pat

2:30 PM

Group pictures:

Tim, Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T, Ashley M, Kevin, Drew, Nick, Elly, Bill, Pat, Tom, Josh, Tee, UD, Alan, Tony

3:00-4:00 PM

Individual pictures:

Tim and Dory

4:30 PM

Ketubah ceremony (Jefferson Room)

Tim, Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T, Ashley M, Kevin, Drew, Nick, Elly, Bill, Pat, Tom, Josh, Tee, UD, Alan, Tony

5:00 PM


5:20-6:00 PM

Cocktails in Ballroom

Bridal party and family to Jefferson Room to relax and eat (small bar in Jefferson Room)

6:00 PM

Ask guests to be seated

6:05 PM

Bridal party enters to “Enter Sandman”

6:07 PM

First Dance to Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

6:12 PM

Welcome by Tucker

6:15 PM

Stations open for dinner

7:15 PM

Toast by Kevin (Best Man)

7:20 PM

Cake cutting (saving top layer)

7:23 PM

Father/Daughter dance to “What a Wonderful World”

Mother/Son dance to “Wonderful Tonight”

10:30 PM

Garter toss in Ballroom

Bars close

10:35 PM

Bouquet toss in Jefferson Room

Exit with sparklers and golf cart

May 31, 2009

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Details, Fun Shots and Reception

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  • Exterior of Farmingtontimanddorywedding-0002timanddorywedding-0003
  • Interior of ceremony and reception site before guests arrive
  • timanddoryweddingkyle-0002

  • Still shots of:
    • Save the Dates
    • Invitations
    • Ceremony Programtimanddorywedding-0609
    • Signed Ketubahtimanddorywedding-0691
    • Seating Chart
    • Candy Buffettimanddorywedding-0636timanddorywedding-0637timanddorywedding-0888timanddorywedding-0890
    • Cakes (bride’s and groom’s)timanddorywedding-0869timanddorywedding-1083timanddorywedding-1084timanddorywedding-0952timanddorywedding-0949
    • Kid’s crayons and coloring bookstimanddorywedding-0852timanddorywedding-0855
  • Tables with table number and message marbles
    • timanddorywedding-0877

    • Gift tabletimanddorywedding-0891
    • Ring bowl with rings in themtimanddoryweddingkyle-0043
  • Ring detailstimanddorywedding-0588timanddorywedding-0589timanddorywedding-1072timanddorywedding-1074timanddorywedding-1076timanddorywedding-1077


  • Wedding party in a circletimanddorywedding-0452timanddorywedding-0719
  • Rings on the day’s newspapertimanddoryweddingkyle-0040
  • Bride framed by the windowtimanddorywedding-0158timanddoryweddingkyle-0050
  • Groomsmen relaxingtimanddoryweddingkyle-0016
  • Bride and groom on stepstimanddorywedding-0902
  • Whole group shottimanddorywedding-1389
  • Dipping the bridetimanddorywedding-0585
  • Kissing under the parasoltimanddorywedding-0490
  • Playing footballtimanddorywedding-0292timanddorywedding-0297
  • Playing golftimanddorywedding-0574timanddorywedding-0569
  • Under the veiltimanddorywedding-0908


  • Musicians
  • Dances
  • Food stations
  • Bouquet/garter tosses
  • Bride and groom’s perspective looking down at guests
  • Sparkler send-off
  • Exit on golf cart

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Ceremony and Group Shots

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  • Signing of the Ketubah pre-ceremonytimanddoryweddingkyle-0045timanddorywedding-0669timanddorywedding-0671
  • Typical picturestimanddorywedding-0692timanddorywedding-0724timanddorywedding-0726timanddorywedding-0759timanddorywedding-0773timanddorywedding-0792timanddorywedding-0811


  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride with bridesmaids (group and individual)
  • Bride with father
  • Bride with mother
  • Bride with both brothers
  • Bride and little brother competing heights
  • Bride with both parents
  • Bride with grandfather
  • Bride with immediate family
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Groom with father
  • Groom with mother
  • Groom with brother and sister
  • Groom with grandfather
  • Groom with both parents
  • Groom with immediate family
  • Bride and groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride and groom with immediate family members from both sides
  • Bride and groom with entire wedding party

May 29, 2009

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Getting Ready / Things I Love: Cramer Photography)

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We hired an amazing photographer for our wedding, and I have never regretted it a day. She was well worth the money we spent, even after we received only the first 2 pictures. Her name is Sarah Cramer Shields (she got married 2 weeks after our wedding) of Cramer Photography. Not only was she our photographer, but she was our day-of guide for all things wedding. Throughout the day, she would grab either my husband or I and tell us little tricks or hints, like “Take down your bra straps so you don’t get red lines in the pictures.” Or “Eat something!” And she would make me eat. Not even my mom could do that.

Now, I knew how amazing she was, and I knew I didn’t need to worry a bit about our photography. That being said, I still had a few set pictures I wanted to take. After all, you don’t get hooked to The Knot message boards for almost a year and  a half and NOT have a list of Must Take Pictures.

Sarah was great. She memorized this list, knew when and where to take the pictures, got them done, and then took amazing other ones! This past weekend at the beach, we saw a bridal party take wedding pictures for almost 2 hours. And they were just the formal pictures. Our formals took all of 10 minutes, and we got them all! This is the mark of a true professional.

So here is my list of Must Take Pictures, along with the pictures Sarah took:


  • Bride doing makeup/fixing hair in mirrortimanddorywedding-0067
  • Bride’s gown hanging in windowtimanddorywedding-0058
  • Something old, new, borrowed, bluetimanddorywedding-0026timanddorywedding-0025
  • Detailed shots of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquetstimanddorywedding-0598timanddoryweddingkyle-0039
  • Candid shots of the girls getting dressedtimanddorywedding-0096timanddoryweddingkyle-0048
  • Mother helping the bride with one last detail, such as the veiltimanddorywedding-0049
  • Father seeing bride in gowntimanddorywedding-0164
  • Bride with parents, siblings, grandfathertimanddorywedding-0126timanddoryweddingkyle-0027


  • Groom and groomsmen putting on boutonnierestimanddoryweddingkyle-0026
  • Groom and groomsmen clinking beers/drinkstimanddoryweddingkyle-0016

May 26, 2009

Wedding Must Haves

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Before my wedding, I lived on lists: To Do lists, To Buy lists, Grocery Store lists, Work lists, Packing lists, etc. You get the picture. My life was a living legal pad that I kept glued to my side. I still managed to forget things, but when it came down to the wedding, I had everything I needed.

In an earlier comment, Ashley asked if I would post my lists: timelines, DIY things, music lists… and so here is the start. This is the list of things that I NEEDED to bring to the wedding:


Unity candles (2 tapers, 1 pillar)

Unity candle holders (3 total)



Ketubah frame

Pen for Ketubah (same as guest book pen)

Flowers for hearth (2 buckets)

Candles for hearth (10-15 from Farmington)

Written ceremony

Wedding rings

Ring bowl

Ceremony programs (150-200)


Bridal bouquet

Pearls for bouquet

Bridesmaids bouquets (3)

Throw bouquet

Tim’s boutonniere

GM boutonnieres (3)

Father boutonnieres (2)

Usher boutonnieres (5)

Rose petals for cake table and misc decoration


Bridal cake

Cake plateau (Farmington provides)

Groom’s cake

Cake knife

Cake server (Farmington provides)

Cake topper

Figurine for cake table

Cake holder (for top of cake)

Bride’s Attire



Garters (2)

Strapless bra


Engagement ring

Pearl necklace


Table number postcards

Table number holders

Message marbles

9 votives per table (Farmington provides)

Kids’ placemats where appropriate

Kids’ coloring book

Kids’ crayons

Picture website cards at each seat


Pictures of family weddings

Guest book

Guest book pen

Sign for guest book

Candy jars

Candy scoops

Candy bags with monogram sticker

Candy to fill

Sign for candy buffet

Champagne glasses

Sparklers for send-off

To Give Out/ Gifts

Timetable for wedding party, coordinator, band

Bridesmaid gifts (3)

Bags with names

Makeup bag


Thank you cards

Groomsmen gifts (3)



Parents’ gifts (2)


Usher gifts (5)

Individual pictures

Getting Ready

Hair dryer

Flat iron

Curling iron

Hair ties



Hand lotion

Foot lotion


Emergency Kit



Lactose medicine

Anti-diarrhea medicine


Contact solution

Eye drops

White thread

Black thread


Safety pins

Hem tape




Hair spray

Emery board







Duct tape


Bobby pins

Cotton balls


Makeup remover

Lint brush

Nail polish

Spot remover

Static-cling spray

For Pictures



Thank You parasol

And of course, I also needed to have a list of the things that our parents needed to pack up for us and bring home. Here they are:

From Ceremony

Unity candles (2 tapers, 1 pillar)

Unity candle holders (3 total)

Ketubah in frame

Flowers from hearth (2 total)

Ring bowl

Extra ceremony programs


Bridal bouquet

Pearls from bouquet

Tim’s boutonniere


Top tier of cake (in box)

Cake knife

Cake topper

Figurine from cake table

Extras of cake

Bride’s Attire

(Leaves with the bride)


Table number postcards

Table number holders

Message marbles

Extra kids’ placemats

Extra kids’ coloring books

Extra crayons

Extra picture website cards


Pictures of family weddings

Guest book

Guest book pen

Sign for guest book

Candy jars

Candy scoops

Extra candy

Extra candy bags

Sign for candy buffet

Message marbles

Champagne glasses

Extra sparklers

From Getting Ready (Room 301)

Hair dryer

Flat iron

Curling iron

Hair ties



Hand lotion

Foot lotion


Emergency Kit

From Pictures



Thank You parasol


Gifts and cards

If you have anything else to add, put it in the comment section. I know we have readers, and I would love to get a ton of comments for these posts!