August 2, 2009

Me- a Wedding Coordinator!

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I am so excited to announce that I have been asked by a wonderful friend (Christy) if I would be her coordinator for her April 2010 wedding! I am thrilled!!! So expect to have lots of new and different ideas posted here as I change from being a Bride/Planner to a Friend/Coordinator. I already have a Travis and Christy wedding notebook so I can be just as organized as can be.

My husband (I still love calling him that) and I have known Travis and Christy for a few years now. They were both members of our co-ed service fraternity, and we became great friends through our love of community service and Virginia Tech football. We were convinced that Travis was once the actual Hokie Bird, but he has constantly denied it… I’m still not completely convinced.
When they moved to our area, we were thrilled that now we had a couple to do dinners and activities with. When Travis was thinking of proposing, I got to hear (and approve) how he was going to do it beforehand. I drove him to the airport (and I got to see the ring) right before he proposed, and I was able to hang a “Congrats” sign in their house for when they got back (I was taking care of their cat). I adore both of them, and I can’t imagine a couple more perfect and suited for each other.


(To make a banner in this style, you can go to Martha Stewart’s wedding website.)


Congrats, Travis and Christy! You are an amazing couple!


July 26, 2009

Wedding Tip: Embroidered Gifts

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Embroidered gifts are a wonderful, personal way to say “Thank you” to your bridesmaids, mom, sister, etc. Oftentimes, brides want to do this with the traditional monogram.

It is a wonderful idea, but it could present a big problem. What if your female friend is not married? Don’t you want a present that can be used for years later?

My suggestion: use her first name or a cute nickname. I would be willing to bet that she will not be changing her first name anytime soon!

July 25, 2009

Embroidered Tote Bags

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For my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted to get an embroidered tote for them. The problem was that I could get literally about a hundred different styles, and they were between $5 a pop and $100! Being the thrifty bride that I was, I did not want to pay an arm and a leg, but I wanted something that was going to be durable, sturdy, cute and practical. So the search started. This is the style that I was looking for:


I was determined to get a cheap tote bag, as I had other things I wanted to give my bridesmaids as well. As I was looking at prices and styles, I realized I loved the basic tote, but I was worried about buying something that might fall apart in a couple years.

That being said, I had recently seen a teaching friend’s bag, and it was HUGE. I immediately had Bag Envy, and I knew I needed to get it. Any guess as to where this amazing bag was from? Land’s End. I decided to get the Extra Large for myself, and I got the large sizes for my girls. When we got them in, I LOVED the number of inside pockets it had. What a great bonus!!! So, yes, they were a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I am SO happy with the result (and my girls loved them too).

Buying embroidered tote bags:

July 9, 2009

Enchanted Bride Blog and Sparklers

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After looking to see where most people were finding this blog, I found this wonderful blog from Huntsville, Alabama-based consultant/planner Amanda Hughes of Enchanted Brides. In one of her posts, she talked about my sparkler post. I love seeing who is referring me, so if you want to steer me in the right direction, I’d love it. Thanks to everyone who’s talking about BrideSaver! I love to hear from you all!

And since I never posted a sparkler picture of my one, here you are:



Article in Local Paper

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Since getting engaged, it was a “dream” of mine to be in the local paper as a featured wedding. In the Virginia area that I lived, we have the main Sunday through Saturday paper, and two other weekly papers. One of the weekly papers puts out an annual wedding edition, and I always loved seeing the weddings that were featured. I loved seeing how crafty the brides were, the pictures that were taken, and the vendors in our area. I always thought it would be so cool to be one of those featured couples. So with a It-Never-Hurts-To-Try attitude, I called the paper to see if we could get in.

We were referred to Wistar Murray, who is a writer for the paper. She writes a weekly full-page article about a recently-married couple. I guess I was really enthusiastic on the phone, because the next thing I knew she was interviewing us for this week’s paper. It came out on Tuesday, and I LOVE it! I can’t wait to go back home this weekend and see it in print!

You can see the full article here: C-ville’s Making Marry: In It to Win It.

The best thing about it? Turns out the editors loved our story, and we’re going to be interviewed again for THE wedding issue. Looks like the Dream Wedding really has happened- from the beginning to the end!

June 22, 2009’s 75 Best Wedding Web Sites

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This was a feature from a few months ago, but it was great to see a lot of my favorite planning websites all in the same place:

The 75 Best Wedding Web Sites

And here they are:


1. Fake Them Out
Many of the rhinestone pieces at are replicas of diamonds worn by A-list divas like Halle, Heidi, and Nicole.

2. Buy Bargain Baubles
The deals at are phenomenal—we found an 18K gold multistrand gemstone necklace for just $35.99!

3. Snag Some Shoes
White shoes rule at, which carries high-end designers, as well as more affordable brands (Dyeables, Touch Ups).

4. Top Your Tresses
Satisfy your inner princess with hair jewelry from, home of classic and modern styles.

5. Look for Lingerie
When mining for wedding day unmentionables (bras, bustiers, shapewear), go to—good selection, good prices.


6. Master an Updo
Learn how to do your own do at, which offers video tutorials. Hit the “Holiday Hairstyles” tab for formal looks ranging from chic chignons to romantic waves.

7. Find Your Faves
Your #1 lipstick has gone AWOL from store shelves? Don’t panic—hit, which carries nearly 200 brands, including hard-to-find items.

8. Enhance Your Eyes
Find out how to do your big-day makeup at; the “Insider Secrets” tab has how-to videos galore.

9. Design a Fragrance
At, brides can create custom blends of fruits, flowers, and spices. One-third of an ounce costs just $10.


10. Dress Your Maids
At, the easy to use dress guide lets you search the collection by color, length, neckline, silhouette, and fabric.

11. School Your Man
Written from a man’s perspective, offers straight talk (and videos) on planning, clothes, guys’ duties, and speechmaking.

12. Garb the Flower Girl
Ethereal and elegant, the flower-girl dresses at come with satin bows, organza ruffles, and loads of charm.


13. Estimate the Bills
To help you plan your expenses, use the “Weddings” section of, which lists price ranges for goods and services from musicians to ice sculptures.

14. Compare Costs
Plug in your zip code at to find out the average budget for “I do’s” in your specific area.

15. Track Your Digits
Once you’ve figured out a budget, use to not only create spreadsheets but also share them online with your fiancé and parents.

16. Bid for Bargains
Don’t forget for finds like barely worn headpieces and lace tablecloths.

17. Do It Yourself
Need to make a guest book, craft a favor bag, or set up an iPod playlist? has advice from crafty brides and links to experts’ Web sites.


18. Make a Cake
From baking pans to sugar daisies, sells everything you need to raise the wedding cake to a piece of art.

19. Sweeten Things Up
Pick your favorite posy at, where the candy flowers include orchids, roses, and lilies.

20. Tailor a Topper
Crown your cake with your names scrawled inside a wire heart from

21. Bejewel the Cake
Top the tiers with a cake crown from—and find a match for you, too!

22. Customize a Cookie
On the dessert table, offer these initial cookies from, which specializes in custom treats.

23. Get Specifics
Every recipe at is accompanied by a list of the exact pans and tools needed to create a masterpiece.


24. Choose Readings
The “Planning” section of lists popular passages plucked from Scripture, literature, and poetry.

25. Ordain a Buddy
Want someone special to officiate at your wedding? Send ’em to (Universal Life Church) to apply.

26. Find an Officiant
Stop by (the National Association of Wedding Officiants) to find a religious or secular authority to perform the service.

27. Write the Words
Get inspiration at, which offers examples from traditional to interfaith to celebrity (Elvis and Priscilla!).


28. Bring on the Bows has ribbons in every color, fabric, and width, some customizable with a personal design.

29. Hire a Scribe
Find a calligrapher in your area through the professional group

30. Reinvent the Vase
At playful prints transform galvanized buckets into chic containers for wine and flowers.


31. Value the Variety
A limited budget’s BFF: It has a festive selection of favors from fans (12 for $3.49) to mint tins (12 for $14.99).

32. Have It Your Way
At, you can pick out a favor (matchbooks), decide on a color (gold), then choose a font (Bickham Script). Sweet.

33. Find a Goodie is the place for guest giveaways. Edible, seasonal, thematic—it’s got dozens of choices.

34. Decorate Your Day
Think of as your one-click supply source for DIY projects, with all the necessities for making favors, menus, centerpieces, and more.

35. Go Organic
Considering candles? Nix paraffin for nontoxic soy options sold through

36. Box It Up
Even a cup of jelly beans looks fancy packed in an elegant vellum bag or pretty organza box from


37. Buy Arrangements
Hydrangeas, calla lilies, and sunflowers—oh, my! For centerpieces and bouquets at bargain prices, click on

38. Go Bulk
Purchasing roses in bulk is a smart way to save. offers deep discounts.

39. Know Your Limits
Is doing your own arrangements right for you? Find out with the “Wedding Flowers” quiz at, which sells blooms at cut-rate prices.

40. Try a Topiary
Create an enchanted forest at your reception via, where you can find decorative branches and wreaths, as well as topiaries and lighting.


41. Green the Dish
An eco alternative to landfillloving Styrofoam, dishes are made from bamboo and biodegrade in four to six months.

42. Make a Wine Run
Raise your glass to, where each bottle is vetted by a team of wine pros and discounted with a money-back guarantee.

43. Customize Your Cuppa
Sugar cubes iced with your initial sweeten your reception guests’ after-dinner tea;

44. Seek a Caterer
Click “Caterers” at to find gastronomic experts by location. (You can even flag picks for future reference.) Look for other vendors here, too, and read the “Tips” section before your interviews.

45. Jazz up the Drinks
Personalize cocktails with tiny custom flags from


46. Launch a Web Site
Announce events, manage RSVPs, even poll guests for free at

47. Be Original chronicles goth-a-billy updos, baby-blue tuxes, and other think-outside-the-white-wedding-box ideas.

48. Go Eco offers DIY ideas (where to book an eco venue; how to use vintage milk bottles for vases) and links to green-thinking vendors.

49. Get Ideas has photos and ideas from reallife theme weddings like “Sweet Citrus” and “Asian Fusion.”

50. Choose Your Hues
Enter the URL of any image (like a pic from your reception hall’s Web site) and will generate a complementary color palette.


51. Study the Law lists wedding-license regulations for all 50 states.

52. Take his Name
Change your name through, which completes forms online and provides detailed instructions for filing.

53. Ponder the Pre-nup makes a hard subject easier, with tips on how to talk the talk effectively with your fiancé.


54. Learn to Dance
Master your first-dance moves by taking lessons; go to’s directory for a studio near you, or practice your cha-cha at home with the site’s online lessons.

55. Make a Mix
Download iTunes at, then snag songs for 99 cents a pop. Search “wedding essentials,” then click “iTunes Essentials: Wedding Essentials” (top right) for hundreds of possibilities.

56. Pick a DJ or Dance offers a national DJ directory, plus suggestions for father-daughter and mother-son dances.

57. Bag a Band
Jazz? Bluegrass? Motown? lets brides seek bands by zip code. (Bonus: Many listings come with reviews from past clients.)


58. Gather Your Tools’s wedding book application lets you share event info, photos, registry links—it even includes a countdown clock.

59.Rent Your Stuff
Tables, china, lighting, Flooring—at you’ll find all the basics under one virtual roof. (Yes, they have tents, too.)

60. Do the Seating
Kind of like “Musical Chairs: Wedding Edition”: You can drag and drop guest names, tables, and chairs anywhere on the screen at

61. Look for Linens has a huge selection of linens, plus boffo decorating advice (how to set a modern/country/seasonal table), useful for a bride planning her first big celebration.

62. Set Up a Booth will rent you a photo booth (nationwide), operate it throughout your wedding, and take it away after the last goofy group shot.

63. Secure a Location
At, search for party sites by city or zip code. Watch videos of some of the spaces, especially helpful when planning an out-of-town wedding.

64. Scope Out Tents
Know the difference between clearspan and pole tents? You will once you’ve checked out

65. Map the Route helps transform your ceremony and reception maps into something elegant enough to pair with your invitations.


66. Hire a Lensman
At the Professional Photographers of America’s official site (, look up pros in your area, then check out the portfolios on their Web sites.

67. Get Expert Tips
What’s the best way to incorporate pets into your wedding photos? That question and many others are revealed at, the online magazine of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

68. Share Your Photos
Rent digital cameras for your reception tables at Afterward, the company will upload the photos to its site so you can share.


69. Check Things Off
Choose your favorite kitchen and bathroom items—and manage the guest list, seating plan, and budget—at

70. Make It Easier
Instead of registering in a half-dozen shops, sign up at one: allows brides to select gifts from any store in the world with its oneregistry-fits-all function.

71. Give Back
At, you can link to stores like Target and REI , which will donate a percentage of guests’ gift purchases to your favorite charitable cause.


72. Find the Words
At, order invitations (Crane & Co., Kate Spade) and get an etiquette specialist’s help for free!

73. Nail the Goods
Choose from a wide variety of affordable, ready-to-order items or design your own at

74. Create a Stamp
Upload a graphic detail from your invitation to you’ll receive sheets of customized U.S. postal stamps to stick on your envelopes.

75. Cut Card Costs sells more than 100 invites for less than a dollar each. (Use their template to print cards.)

June 17, 2009

My Timeline

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I absolutely live on lists (as if you can’t tell from some of my earlier posts). Because of this, I had to have not only about 20 lists for the Big Day, but I had to have a timeline. Some brides make these cutsie and colorful like this one:

Cute, right? By the time we got around to our timeline, I was so exhausted with all the projects, I just had to come up with an actual timeline. Here is how ours was:

Tucker-Doyle Timeline

Friday 10 AM

Farmington Walkthrough:

Tim and Dory and all the stuff

4:45 PM

Tim, Dory, JoP, Photographer arrive

5:00 PM

Rehearsal at Farmington

6:30 PM

Rehearsal Dinner at Wild Greens

Saturday 1 PM

Bride and Bridesmaids get ready in Room 301:

Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T., Ashley M.

2:00 PM

Photographer arrives

Dory puts dress on:

Need Elly and Pat

2:30 PM

Group pictures:

Tim, Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T, Ashley M, Kevin, Drew, Nick, Elly, Bill, Pat, Tom, Josh, Tee, UD, Alan, Tony

3:00-4:00 PM

Individual pictures:

Tim and Dory

4:30 PM

Ketubah ceremony (Jefferson Room)

Tim, Dory, Kathleen, Ashley T, Ashley M, Kevin, Drew, Nick, Elly, Bill, Pat, Tom, Josh, Tee, UD, Alan, Tony

5:00 PM


5:20-6:00 PM

Cocktails in Ballroom

Bridal party and family to Jefferson Room to relax and eat (small bar in Jefferson Room)

6:00 PM

Ask guests to be seated

6:05 PM

Bridal party enters to “Enter Sandman”

6:07 PM

First Dance to Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

6:12 PM

Welcome by Tucker

6:15 PM

Stations open for dinner

7:15 PM

Toast by Kevin (Best Man)

7:20 PM

Cake cutting (saving top layer)

7:23 PM

Father/Daughter dance to “What a Wonderful World”

Mother/Son dance to “Wonderful Tonight”

10:30 PM

Garter toss in Ballroom

Bars close

10:35 PM

Bouquet toss in Jefferson Room

Exit with sparklers and golf cart

June 7, 2009

Interview Project

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Yes, this isn’t wedding or planning related, but I absolutely love this, and I have to share! A wonderful friend, Austin Lynch, has launched this amazing project called Interview Project. For 70 days, he traveled the country interviewing hundreds of normal Americans. Every 3 days, he posts a new interview on the website:

The most amazing thing about this project is that Austin can really find the amazing heart in each of the people he interviews. When you view each interview (which is really only 3 minutes each), it actually plays as the person telling their life story. It is sad, humorous, touching, human, amazing. It is truly the best glimpse of reality in our country. I’m just waiting for Oprah to pick it up.

So go check it out and let me know what you think! And don’t forget to check it out every 3 days for a new interview. Once you see 1, you’ll be hooked. Oh, and the language and content may not be completely kid-appropriate, so please be warned.

May 31, 2009

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Details, Fun Shots and Reception

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  • Exterior of Farmingtontimanddorywedding-0002timanddorywedding-0003
  • Interior of ceremony and reception site before guests arrive
  • timanddoryweddingkyle-0002

  • Still shots of:
    • Save the Dates
    • Invitations
    • Ceremony Programtimanddorywedding-0609
    • Signed Ketubahtimanddorywedding-0691
    • Seating Chart
    • Candy Buffettimanddorywedding-0636timanddorywedding-0637timanddorywedding-0888timanddorywedding-0890
    • Cakes (bride’s and groom’s)timanddorywedding-0869timanddorywedding-1083timanddorywedding-1084timanddorywedding-0952timanddorywedding-0949
    • Kid’s crayons and coloring bookstimanddorywedding-0852timanddorywedding-0855
  • Tables with table number and message marbles
    • timanddorywedding-0877

    • Gift tabletimanddorywedding-0891
    • Ring bowl with rings in themtimanddoryweddingkyle-0043
  • Ring detailstimanddorywedding-0588timanddorywedding-0589timanddorywedding-1072timanddorywedding-1074timanddorywedding-1076timanddorywedding-1077


  • Wedding party in a circletimanddorywedding-0452timanddorywedding-0719
  • Rings on the day’s newspapertimanddoryweddingkyle-0040
  • Bride framed by the windowtimanddorywedding-0158timanddoryweddingkyle-0050
  • Groomsmen relaxingtimanddoryweddingkyle-0016
  • Bride and groom on stepstimanddorywedding-0902
  • Whole group shottimanddorywedding-1389
  • Dipping the bridetimanddorywedding-0585
  • Kissing under the parasoltimanddorywedding-0490
  • Playing footballtimanddorywedding-0292timanddorywedding-0297
  • Playing golftimanddorywedding-0574timanddorywedding-0569
  • Under the veiltimanddorywedding-0908


  • Musicians
  • Dances
  • Food stations
  • Bouquet/garter tosses
  • Bride and groom’s perspective looking down at guests
  • Sparkler send-off
  • Exit on golf cart

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Ceremony and Group Shots

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  • Signing of the Ketubah pre-ceremonytimanddoryweddingkyle-0045timanddorywedding-0669timanddorywedding-0671
  • Typical picturestimanddorywedding-0692timanddorywedding-0724timanddorywedding-0726timanddorywedding-0759timanddorywedding-0773timanddorywedding-0792timanddorywedding-0811


  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride with bridesmaids (group and individual)
  • Bride with father
  • Bride with mother
  • Bride with both brothers
  • Bride and little brother competing heights
  • Bride with both parents
  • Bride with grandfather
  • Bride with immediate family
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Groom with father
  • Groom with mother
  • Groom with brother and sister
  • Groom with grandfather
  • Groom with both parents
  • Groom with immediate family
  • Bride and groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride and groom with immediate family members from both sides
  • Bride and groom with entire wedding party

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