August 2, 2009

Me- a Wedding Coordinator!

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I am so excited to announce that I have been asked by a wonderful friend (Christy) if I would be her coordinator for her April 2010 wedding! I am thrilled!!! So expect to have lots of new and different ideas posted here as I change from being a Bride/Planner to a Friend/Coordinator. I already have a Travis and Christy wedding notebook so I can be just as organized as can be.

My husband (I still love calling him that) and I have known Travis and Christy for a few years now. They were both members of our co-ed service fraternity, and we became great friends through our love of community service and Virginia Tech football. We were convinced that Travis was once the actual Hokie Bird, but he has constantly denied it… I’m still not completely convinced.
When they moved to our area, we were thrilled that now we had a couple to do dinners and activities with. When Travis was thinking of proposing, I got to hear (and approve) how he was going to do it beforehand. I drove him to the airport (and I got to see the ring) right before he proposed, and I was able to hang a “Congrats” sign in their house for when they got back (I was taking care of their cat). I adore both of them, and I can’t imagine a couple more perfect and suited for each other.


(To make a banner in this style, you can go to Martha Stewart’s wedding website.)


Congrats, Travis and Christy! You are an amazing couple!



  1. Ashley said,

    Congratulations. I can’t wait to see how their wedding turns out.

  2. Jessica said,

    How exciting! I’m really pumped to see how you coordinate because I’ve always wanted to be a coordinator. Yay!

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