July 9, 2009

Article in Local Paper

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Since getting engaged, it was a “dream” of mine to be in the local paper as a featured wedding. In the Virginia area that I lived, we have the main Sunday through Saturday paper, and two other weekly papers. One of the weekly papers puts out an annual wedding edition, and I always loved seeing the weddings that were featured. I loved seeing how crafty the brides were, the pictures that were taken, and the vendors in our area. I always thought it would be so cool to be one of those featured couples. So with a It-Never-Hurts-To-Try attitude, I called the paper to see if we could get in.

We were referred to Wistar Murray, who is a writer for the paper. She writes a weekly full-page article about a recently-married couple. I guess I was really enthusiastic on the phone, because the next thing I knew she was interviewing us for this week’s paper. It came out on Tuesday, and I LOVE it! I can’t wait to go back home this weekend and see it in print!

You can see the full article here: C-ville’s Making Marry: In It to Win It.

The best thing about it? Turns out the editors loved our story, and we’re going to be interviewed again for THE wedding issue. Looks like the Dream Wedding really has happened- from the beginning to the end!


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