June 7, 2009

Interview Project

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 9:59 pm by Dory

Yes, this isn’t wedding or planning related, but I absolutely love this, and I have to share! A wonderful friend, Austin Lynch, has launched this amazing project called Interview Project. For 70 days, he traveled the country interviewing hundreds of normal Americans. Every 3 days, he posts a new interview on the website: http://interviewproject.davidlynch.com

The most amazing thing about this project is that Austin can really find the amazing heart in each of the people he interviews. When you view each interview (which is really only 3 minutes each), it actually plays as the person telling their life story. It is sad, humorous, touching, human, amazing. It is truly the best glimpse of reality in our country. I’m just waiting for Oprah to pick it up.

So go check it out and let me know what you think! And don’t forget to check it out every 3 days for a new interview. Once you see 1, you’ll be hooked. Oh, and the language and content may not be completely kid-appropriate, so please be warned.



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