May 29, 2009

Must Take Wedding Pictures: Getting Ready / Things I Love: Cramer Photography)

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We hired an amazing photographer for our wedding, and I have never regretted it a day. She was well worth the money we spent, even after we received only the first 2 pictures. Her name is Sarah Cramer Shields (she got married 2 weeks after our wedding) of Cramer Photography. Not only was she our photographer, but she was our day-of guide for all things wedding. Throughout the day, she would grab either my husband or I and tell us little tricks or hints, like “Take down your bra straps so you don’t get red lines in the pictures.” Or “Eat something!” And she would make me eat. Not even my mom could do that.

Now, I knew how amazing she was, and I knew I didn’t need to worry a bit about our photography. That being said, I still had a few set pictures I wanted to take. After all, you don’t get hooked to The Knot message boards for almost a year and  a half and NOT have a list of Must Take Pictures.

Sarah was great. She memorized this list, knew when and where to take the pictures, got them done, and then took amazing other ones! This past weekend at the beach, we saw a bridal party take wedding pictures for almost 2 hours. And they were just the formal pictures. Our formals took all of 10 minutes, and we got them all! This is the mark of a true professional.

So here is my list of Must Take Pictures, along with the pictures Sarah took:


  • Bride doing makeup/fixing hair in mirrortimanddorywedding-0067
  • Bride’s gown hanging in windowtimanddorywedding-0058
  • Something old, new, borrowed, bluetimanddorywedding-0026timanddorywedding-0025
  • Detailed shots of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquetstimanddorywedding-0598timanddoryweddingkyle-0039
  • Candid shots of the girls getting dressedtimanddorywedding-0096timanddoryweddingkyle-0048
  • Mother helping the bride with one last detail, such as the veiltimanddorywedding-0049
  • Father seeing bride in gowntimanddorywedding-0164
  • Bride with parents, siblings, grandfathertimanddorywedding-0126timanddoryweddingkyle-0027


  • Groom and groomsmen putting on boutonnierestimanddoryweddingkyle-0026
  • Groom and groomsmen clinking beers/drinkstimanddoryweddingkyle-0016

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