May 3, 2009

How to Get Your College Mascot to Appear at Your Wedding

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Throughout our wedding, I wanted to have a few surprises for my husband. One of them was to get the Hokie Bird to appear at our wedding. Both of us went to Virginia Tech, and our college is such an important part of our lives together.

We had heard from a friend that the Hokie Bird can appear at weddings, but there were rumors that you needed to “know someone” to get him. I decided to at least try. I looked on the VT Athletic Department website contact page under Marketing and Promotions, and found a number through that.


It took a couple of days to get a call back, which is totally understandable. This department does have a lot to do, after all!


Once I talked to someone from the department, they temporarily put our wedding on the schedule, and then called me back in a couple weeks when they knew the student could actually come. timanddorywedding-1060

And it was really cheap! $200 plus gas. And all the money went directly to the student. I loved that part of it.


This might not work for all sports teams, but the moral of this story is… TRY! You never know until you ask. And for us, it was incredible!




  1. Ashley said,

    That is an awesome idea! I might have to check into that for us. Sadly we couldn’t have the whole mascot because I don’t think a horse would fit into our venue.

  2. Sarah said,

    I’ve thought about doing this. My wedding is still a year away but my fiance and are also VT grads (go Hokies!) and I’m a sucker for the Hokie Bird! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction if I decide to try and get our beloved mascot to attend!

  3. Vivien said,

    What a fantastic idea! It would be so fun to have Oski the Bear at my wedding.

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