April 17, 2009

Wedding Advice

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Right before my wedding, I got some wonderful advice from the girls on The Knot who were married in March 2009. I thought I would pass some of their wedding day thoughts on to all my readers.
As I’m rereading these words of wisdom, I realize how hard it is to really remember everything, as the day flies by. I will dedicate an entire post to my wedding recap.

“My one piece of advice is to take some time out for your and your new husband. Everyone is going to want to kiss and hug on you, take pictures with you, etc. You don’t want to miss out on a moment that you can look into your husband’s eyes and just exhale. [Dear Husband] and I had our moment as we were waiting for all of our guests to leave the sanctuary so we could reenter and take pics.” -jerriesgirl

“My little bit of wedding day advice is that if you’re second guessing your decision to take photos ahead of time…don’t. It honestly was the best decision Greg and I could have ever made. Especially if you’re getting married at the reception venue, or don’t have a lot of time inbetween the ceremony and cocktail hour… Enjoy yourselves, and no matter what, the show will go on, so don’t get worked up over things you can’t control.” -fivelette

“Have safety pins just in case. Someone stepped on the lace part of my bustle and it ripped out from the bustle so I was dragging lace around. We used three safety pins to try to hold it up but that didn’t keep it up very well. We probably needed more like six.” – timmysgal1

“Make sure you enjoy the reception! Guests will grab you every few seconds to congratulate you! When a song I really liked came on, I’d go out and dance. I am so glad we did because our photographer took some awesome pictures of all of us having fun! It makes for a pretty boring reception if the bride and groom are just sitting down chatting. :)” -ErikaandChris32009

“Bring your sense of humor. Things will go wrong and it’s OK! The aisle runner that I painted almost didn’t get put down. The lights on our getaway Model A car blew a fuse. We sat for 20 minutes at a gas station with the driver trying to figure out where the fuse was. Honestly, it gave us time to relax and it was nice.” -Janda309

“Truly enjoy yourselves, and stick by your husband…it goes by wayyy too fast!! Also, the week of the wedding I had emailed my photographer about sneaking outside during the reception to get some shots of just us. This was the best decison EVER! We had a blast taking pictures!! And it was fun to just be us…no one was around…a few people watched but that was it.” -ashleymvee

“We are not kidding when we say it goes by really fast!” -lissa5125

“If you are planning an unveiling before the ceremony have someone hang out with your FI. I felt horrible, but H was waiting for about 20 minutes for me all by himself. By the time we saw each other he was so nervous.” -cincyGirl1980


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  1. Ashley said,

    Thanks for posting that great advice.

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