March 16, 2009

PuffPastry Giveaway

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I was very excited for the last giveaway, and I wanted to start another one as soon as possible. I found Vivien of PuffPastry through the last giveaway, and I immediately began trying to figure out which one I wanted. They just look so delicious!

Here is what she has written to all the BrideSaver readers:
“Hi BrideSaver Readers! I love making cute sweet rings and necklaces, sewing ballgowns and quirky skirts, taking lots of pictures for my Flickr and eating candy. Lots of candy. I also spend more hours than I should looking for items to heart on Etsy and buy for my wedding. It’s nice to meet you!

Dory is hosting a giveaway on this blog. The lucky winner will get a $10 gift certificate to use in my store To enter, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite item in my shop is. Dory will pick the winner randomly. Everyone else who enters the contest can use the coupon code “BRIDE20″ to get 20% off their order (not including shipping) until April 15, 2009. Good luck everyone!”

So you heard her! To enter, just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item in Vivien’s shop is. You will not be held to getting that item if you win.

To enter another time, just leave me a comment that you subscribed to this blog.

To enter yet another time, simply post in another message board, forum or other blog (even in the comments) about this blog. Leave the link in the comments section and you’ll have another entry!


Thanks, Vivien! I can’t wait to see the response for this one.



  1. cat said,

    Those are all so cute. My favourite are the little french macaroons in the glass jar (the pendant). But I love the breakfast pastries in the glass jar too.

  2. Ashley said,

    Pink heart cookie earrings.

  3. Redbettie said,

    Your site is so cute. My favorite one is the Strawberry pink meringue cake ring. I would love to give this to my sister n law.

  4. Julie A. said,

    Simply adorable and delicious looking! :O

  5. martinikitty said,

    Mint Cupcake Ring…I am the Cupcake Queen of the family…it would be perfect for me =)

    On another note…I love the Red Poision Bottle for my lil’ Big Sis

  6. Sarah said,

    I love the Sakura Blossom magnets! 🙂

  7. Celeste said,

    Love the Chocolate Chip Cookie plate ring!

  8. Chloe said,

    I like the Flan pudding bowl necklace – CUTE!!

  9. AF said,

    The chocolate cake necklace is just too cute for words.

  10. Elsie said,

    The Orange Juice Box necklace is perfect for me, an orange juice fan and believer of orange juice everyday! Cute reminder!

  11. Taylor said,

    I like the Lemon slice earrings and the Pink POISON bottle pendant necklace.

    I just couldn’t decide!

  12. Cabootique said,

    I love the French macarons rainbow bottle necklace.

  13. Eliane said,

    I love the Cute happy elephant necklace. It is so adorable!! Thanks.

  14. AJ said,

    All the items are so cute but my favorite is definitely the Mint Cupcake Ring ( :

  15. melanie said,

    Love the Pink Flower Cake Slice ring.

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  16. janil said,

    FAntastic work and difficult choice!!! I love all of them… I choose Silver Tray of Cake, Cookies and Pastries necklace because I have to do it, but it’s really hard decide for only one!!!

    Thanks for the cahnce!!!!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  17. Evelyn said,

    Really pretty shop !!
    I love Strawberry pink meringue cake ring…..
    Thanks for the chance !!

  18. Valerie said,

    I liked Glass Poison bottle necklace
    fun stuff

  19. Shanda said,

    My favorite is the Peppermint Candy Jar Necklace!

  20. Elle said,

    Aw.. I’ve always wanted a necklace with a bottle on it! and it just so happens, you do have one: I am seriously in love with that glass poison bottle necklace!

  21. Lisa said,

    I cannot even tell you how much I adore miniature food. I am so amazed at the beautiful artistry that goes into it and it tickles me to no end. That cupcake ring? ADORABLE.

  22. Hi:)

    My favorite item is the Chocolate candy bar pocket mirror! It is cute and looks yummy too:)

    Great giveaway!

    Marie Isabella


  23. sarah said,

    oh wow! they all look so cute!! Pink Flower Cake Slice ring looks stunning!

  24. Aik said,

    I love the Pink Heart cookie earrings with chocolate cream – Sterling Silver.

  25. judy brittle said,

    I totally love the Cute happy elephant necklace! That is so adorable! Thank you!

  26. Nichola K said,

    This was a hard choice between the cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, or donut ring. The Donut Ring won. This is fun stuff. Thanks!

  27. Angie E said,

    Minatures are sooo cool! I love Strawberry pink meringue cake ring, it looks good enough to eat!!

    Great Giveaway!

  28. missknits said,

    sooo cute shop! so hard to pick one but just loved the cookie ring!! so fun!

  29. Kaley said,

    The mint cupcake ring is my favorite!

  30. Amber G said,

    I love the Decadent Chocolate Necklace!

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  32. nifeBlitte said,

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