March 2, 2009

Giveaway: Custom Peggie People

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In honor of our first 700 hits, I am so excited to introduce our first giveaway with Etsy seller Suzy of NakedPeggies. Suzy makes such a unique assortment of Peggies.


“What is a Peggie?” you might ask. A Peggie is a little wooden person that comes in several different shapes and sizes. They can be customized to make a bride and groom,


a family,


or even your favorite movie characters.



I personally love the Star Wars Peggies.


Suzy is such a sweet woman who is so excited to be able to be a part of BrideSaver. When I originally approached her about being our first giveaway, she responded with “I LOVE helping people save money!” Now how often do you hear of a vendor with that type of attitude? It is because of that response that I know she fits into the BrideSaver family.

How did you get started making Peggies?
“I have ALWAYS loved to paint things for friends and recently I had my own kids (boy 4, girl 3) And they LOVE homemade things, and they LOVE to craft and paint with Mommy! SO, as a stay-at-home mom I am always trying to save money.
“Before Christmas, I was looking online for dollhouse people to fill the dollhouse for my daughter that I had painted all types of furniture for, and I couldn’t find anything I liked. THEN I saw some wooden dolls, unfinished, and decided to paint them for her to look like our family. I bought WAY too many and decided to sell them off on ETSY but before I knew it I couldn’t stop coming up with new ideas for painting them and I couldn’t stop! My husband thinks I am nuts because with each new creation I giggle in anticipation! They make me laugh out loud when I am painting them.”

What is your most favorite thing to paint?
“Custom bride and groom cake toppers. I LOVE to get all types of pictures from the bride and paint the little ones to match as close as possible to the actual attire they will be wearing. The more unique the better!!”


So, Suzy is offering one set of her “Custom Happy Couple” Cake topper with pedestal for mounting to one of our lucky readers (a $45 value), because these are too fun NOT to share!!


So here’s how the giveaway will work: write a comment in this post. It will ask for your email address, but your email will only be able to be viewed by me.  I will choose one winner randomly from those that commented. For additional entries, just subscribe to this blog and post in the comments that you are now a subscriber!

Comment away! You have until March 14!



  1. Trisha said,

    WOW! I’m the first to make a comment!!! Those are too cute and would be a unique addition to anyones wedding!!! Love the blog! Thanks for all the cute and money saving ideas!

  2. urban craft said,

    Super cute, I would love to win one. Thanks!

  3. Hello to all who enter!!
    Good luck! I can’t wait to paint a happy wedding set for a happy couple!
    Good times! 🙂

  4. Dana said,

    These are so cute. I love cake toppers and especially custom made ones.

  5. Vivien said,

    How adorable! I am planning my wedding and I would love to win a set.

  6. Amy said,

    I think these are fabulous! I will definitely be getting a pair for my sister’s wedding in December. I’ve marked the seller too so that I can keep them in mind for all wedding gifts. And I’m also thinking a set of characters will be great for my 5yo nephew’s birthday! I would love to win a pair 🙂

  7. April said,

    These are cool! Not your typical toppers at all! I’ve been checking these out for a month or two, would love to win these!

  8. erinmelissa said,

    Oh, I want one! How fun to put by my wedding pictures!

  9. Brianna said,

    These are so beautiful and awesome! I would love love love to win these! However, my weddings April 3rd 2009 just to give you a heads up. PS: I found you on OBB!

  10. April said,

    Oh yeah, I’m a subscriber…and not just for the Peggies. You have some great stuff here that is definately gonna help me with my tiny budget!!!

  11. Jenifer said,

    What a super fun idea, and a wonderful way to add a personal touch to a wedding. I’ve been struggling to find a creative idea for our cake topper, and I think i’m in love! I think it would also be adorable to have one custom made for each member of the bridal party and have them sitting on the table at the reception. Think of the photo opportunities!

    I’m going to figure out how to become a blog subscriber, right now!

  12. Liz said,

    These are fantastic. I still have a set of peggles someone brought back from Finland for me when I was little. If my fiance was wearing a blue suit and I was wearing what looks to be a pink dirndl on our wedding day, I’d put them on top of our cake.

  13. Mini'imah Bashir said,

    I’m getting married in June and I have not been able to find an ethnic cake topper that would do us justice….until now. This is a wonderful way to start a family tradition. I am already imagining a few peggies in the image of our future children. Planning this wedding has had it’s ups and downs. Budgeting, guest lists, opinions, color swatches, invitations, etc. Thanks for getting me re-excited about my wedding.

  14. Tiffany said,

    These are so adorable and very unique! I wish I was so creative 🙂

  15. Sara said,

    These are brilliant. Suzy is probably the only artist in the world to make a cake-topper bride with glasses. For which I, and all other spectacled beauties, thank her.

  16. Emma said,

    These are so fantastic! So many cake toppers are a bit corny, but these are so much fun! I’d be so proud to have one on my cake!

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