February 19, 2009

Things-I-Love Thursdays: Dyson

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When the commercials first came out, I thought the Dyson vacuum cleaners were SO cool. Then I went to the store and saw the price. At that point, I thought $100 was a lot for a vacuum.

Fast forward a few years, and the carpets are covered in cat hair from our long-hair cat and the Bissel has just died. Now what to do?

Being the careful consumer I am, I did all kinds of research on the DC14 and DC17 Animals, and they looked pretty good. Most everyone loved them, and I was pretty impressed. But the price was still getting to me.

Finally yesterday I was disgusted with the mess, went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and to try out the models they had: DC25, DC14, and DC 17 Animal. I found out, however, that I couldn’t get past the DC25- it was light-weight, the ball technology was amazingly easy to maneuver, and it really sucked (and in the good way). But I still hadn’t heard much about the DC25, so I went home to do some research.

So today after work, I went back the BB&B with my 20% off coupon in hand (I actually had a bunch of them), and bought the $500 machine for $400. Don’t you love saving $100!!!???!!!

Yes, it was a lot of money, but I’ve never been this excited to do some housework. And it even works on the hardwood floors: you just have to turn off the brush button.

I’m SOOO ready to have the house get dirtier, so I can vacuum again!



  1. Christin said,

    1. I love your blog, it is so helpful and you are so creative!

    2. Short answer to your question about my facebook status: I had my dress custom made and when I went to pick it up it looked like I made it to save a few bucks and she wanted to charge me 2K for it! It was so bad, so 2 weeks ago, I had no dress, but before I had time to freak out (I had some angels watching over me) and there was a store that had the dress the custom one was being modeled after in my size and in stock so I have the orginal dress, I just went through too much hassle to get it!

    3. Dyson’s are awesome, how many coupons do they let you use to get it? That and the kichenaid mixer are my favorite thing on my registry!

  2. Dory said,

    Thanks Christin! How in the world did you find the blog? I’m so happy you like it and find it useful! That’s what I’m hoping for! If you have any suggestions for topics, I’d love your opinion (that goes for anyone, as well).

    I’m sorry you had so many problems with the original dress, but I’m thrilled it worked out for you. Sometimes we have to go through a bunch to get it right in the end.

    To buy the Dyson, I just used one 20% coupon (BB&B limits you to 1 coupon for each item). But 20% of $500 is $100, so that’s a TON of savings. I’m jealous of your KitchenAid mixer. They are beautiful machines! I decided to go for the hand mixer instead, as it went more with our needs.

  3. Christin said,

    I found your blog on the wonderful knot! I hardly get on there anymore, i have gotten pretty hooked on projectwedding.com. Here’s my profile:
    I just added your must take with you/take home list because its so great! Hope you don’t mind! I’m tempted to go and get the Dyson right now!

  4. wonker said,

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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