February 9, 2009

Message Marbles

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I saw these adorable decorations on Style Me Pretty, and I just knew I had to try them. They’re called Message Marbles, and they look just as cute in real life as they do online. Here are my versions:


These were incredibly simple to do. Here are my directions:

  • Open a word document and make rows of circles. For the small marble size, circles should have a circumference of 5/8″ (or 0.625 inches).  For the large marble size, circles should be 1 and 1/4″ . You can make them a little bigger, and then when you cut them out, the outline is completely gone.
  • Print the template on your home computer. You can actually use just regular copy paper.
  • Use a scrapbooking circle cutter to cut out the circles.
  • Using glue, dab a bit on the flat side of the marble.
  • Press the decorative side of the marble to the glue on the flat side on the marble.
  • Let dry.
  • You can brush glue over top the dried paper, but it may make the marble appear cloudy.
  • Voila!

I also got a bunch of neat decorative scrapbooking paper, and here are some others I made.


I have a bunch of other neat papers as well. If you would like for me to make these for you for your wedding, shower, or other event, leave a note in the comment section. I’d be happy to do it for you at cost.



  1. Jamie said,

    I love the first pix of these, with the names, hearts, etc. Could you give me an approximate price on making some of these for me? I was thinking they’d be cute to put on all the tables at my reception (not till October 10th). But I’d say to do that, there would have to be at least 200-250 of them. Could you just tell me if you’d even be interested in doing that and for how much. Thanks…love the blog & info!

  2. Dory said,

    I could absolutely do something like that for you! I could even use your monogram like I did with mine in the picture. We’re doing the same thing, putting the marbles on the tables. The smaller ones are going on the actual tables, and the larger ones will go on the candy buffet.

    I am emailing you more information. If anyone else would like information, leave a comment here and I’ll email you!

  3. Cheyenne said,

    I would love to know more information. These are so cute. My wedding is also in Oct, the 17th. Thanks.

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