February 5, 2009

Things-I-Love Thursdays: Sephora

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:01 am by Dory

Well, to some it’s no surprise that Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. Why is that? Well, when I think of my life up until now, Thursdays have always been filled with excitement. My favorite TV show, Friends, aired on Thursdays. My baby brother was born on Thursday. Thursdays also now bring us The Office, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, and other classic TV shows. And to top it all off, it is the day that allows us to think about the excitement of Friday and the weekend. That anticipation for Friday is always better than Fridays itself. Thursdays are just filled with deliciousness.

So in honor of my love of Thursdays, I bring you Things-I-Love Thursdays. This is where I will talk about something that I love. It could be a movie, a book, a DIY project, a painting, or a website or blog… you get the picture.

Today, I wanted to start with Sephora. It’s a rather new love for me, but I have never left there disappointed. Now I don’t go crazy about makeup, generally, but in planning my wedding, I wanted to have a fresh look. I went in there yesterday, expecting to feel less-than-excited about the “wedding look” they would give me. Yet I left amazed with the products and service I received. I got new blush, foundation, eyeshadow, brow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick and brushes. Yes, I paid a pretty penny for them, but I felt like I got a great deal. The “skin expert” sat down for an hour with me and really made me feel comfortable and excited with the whole look. I know this is standard service, but it was just what I needed. Just look at all my new goodies!


So the question is, where is your favorite place to shop for makeup?


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