January 21, 2009

Where to Buy Candy?

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I thought that my first official post would be about candy buffets. After going back and forth with a lot of different ideas for favors, Tim and I decided to have a candy buffet. We were able to find the jars and scoops second hand, and so all we had to do was to get the candy.

First, we decided the types of candy we wanted. We then started by going to our local Costco just to get a base price. Here’s what we found:

  • About 3.5 lbs of chocolate raisins for $9.79
  • 200 York Peppermint Patties for $11.59
  • 3.5 lbs of M&M’s for $7.09 (Peanut M&M’s were the same price)
  • 3.75 lbs of Hersey Kisses for $8.79

We then went to some online stores to price compare. Here’s the breakdown of M&M prices to show the difference at each store:

  • Bulkfoods.com: 2 lbs 13 oz for $13.33
  • Candydirect.com: 2.8 lbs for $18
  • Candywarehouse.com: 3.5 lbs for $15
  • Groovycandies.com: 5 lbs for $26.95
  • Metrocandy.com: 3.5 lbs for $11.43
  • Sugarstand.com: 3.5 lbs for $16

So if you are going to buy candy online, it seems like Metrocandy.com might be the best place to shop. Otherwise, stick with a local bulk store like Costco or Sam’s Club.


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